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Sudden Exposure

Door Alexander Smith

Het moment waarop een innerlijk bewustzijn plotseling binnenkomt en je letterlijk choqueert, alsof iets je vanbinnen vastgrijpt en je een onverwachte wake-up call geeft.

Alexander Smith
Sudden Exposure
Linnen, Olieverf
100 x 150 cm
€ 3500,00
Te koop
In galerie aanwezig


When one tries to transform selfishness to an unconditional act
selfishness, sometimes, is the only way to lead one to an unconditional act

Change is inevitable. (Such a beautiful word this is: “Inevitable”) and sometimes changes comes as a strike of lighting.

“Although we think that change really occurs, it still and only remains a symbolic gesture within our perception. Don’t hold the change itself as a truth but only where it can bring you.”

This painting was made with a clear idea: showing the moment when a inner awareness hits you so sudden, you literally get a phyiscal shock. as if something grabs you inside and pulls you to a unforseen wake up call.
A moment in which something becomes clear, understood, or even becomes a knowing, but in such a scale that some sort of a jump occurs. This can be felt physically. This experience surpassed, only for such a short moment, the illusional perception and gives you a very small glimps of our true origin. This leaves us with a strange, and in most cases, not understood experience. As a weird thrill.


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