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Things are not

Door Alexander Smith

Zeer aantrekkelijk surrealistisch werk. Geschilderd met de Gliceertechniek van de oude meesters. Realistisch surrealisme.

Alexander Smith
Things are not
Olieverf, Paneel
62 x120 cm
€ 3200,00
Te koop
In galerie aanwezig


What we see isn’t real. let us play a little with whatever comes to our mind.

“We believe that everything we see is the reality, the profound truth because we can see it, touch it, smell it, touch it and even sense it, And yet, this occurs only because we believe our bodies are our center of experience and therefor real.  it still and only remains a symbolic manifestation within our perception. Where would you be if this is gone?.”

This painting is a logic follow up from the previous ones in which I no longer attach to what might be real but stronger feel the necessity to just create what comes to mind. Inevitably all things, all what we see, believe or feel remains an illusive idea that sprouts from our mind. So no worries…All is predetermined. The one thing you can control are your thoughts.


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