Unity and harmony

Circular shapes are often used to create a sense of unity and balance in a composition. The lack of sharp angles and corners creates a soothing effect on the viewer’s eye.

Movement and energy

Round shapes can also suggest movement and energy, especially when they are arranged in a dynamic pattern. This can create a sense of excitement or vitality in the artwork.

Infinity and completeness

The circular shape is often associated with infinity and completeness. This is because it has no beginning or end, and it can be used to symbolize eternity or the cyclical nature of life.


Round shapes are often associated with femininity and softness. They can suggest curves of the female body or be used to evoke a nurturing, maternal feeling.

Wholeness and perfection

Round shapes can also be used to suggest wholeness and perfection. This is because they are symmetrical and balanced, and they can create a sense of harmony and completeness in the artwork.

Overall, the meaning of round shapes in art is highly dependent on the context and the artist’s intent. Different artists may use round shapes to convey different ideas and emotions, and the same round shape may have different meanings in different artworks.